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Automotive laca original de recubrimiento intermedio
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Intermediate paint points of General intermediate coating, anti stone strike intermediate coating, intermediate coating line for repair.

Among them, the use of universal intermediate coating is most common, it has the basic characteristics of intermediate paint, generally used in high-grade automobile painting. The aqueous intermediate coating is one kind of automotive original paint series of rapid development, many domestic manufacturers have also started to have a try in this field.

At present, automobile paint coating line in our country are almost all use of solvent based paint amino polyester, alkyd amino acrylic system, automobile middle coating. With more and more high quality requirements of the user, click on the performance of the car high stone requirements also gradually harsh, engine cover, side Wai easily by road little lion total parts film crack damage, serious marketing body appearance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, a new generation of anti stone strike emerge as the times require intermediate paint. In recent years, painting the major car companies have gradually adopted a new generation of anti stone attack intermediate coating body to overcome the impact of small stones. There are many kinds of methods to improve resistance to stoning intermediate coating, Europe and the United States system using isocyanate cross-linking agent closed to improve intermediate resistant coatings stone properties; Japan adopts the structure and elastic modified resin coupled with with anti stone strike effectiveness to achieve the pigment. Different between the two, can meet different manufacturers, different models, different parts of the diverse needs of different cost.

Automotive original paint is also useful to "repair coating" situation. Mainly because the coating process control and then close, also inevitably exist defects, sags, orange peel and other film defects. This requires when online "repair", therefore the intermediate paint the original factory paint had "repair with intermediate paint" this category. Repair intermediate coating using intermediate coating and automotive repair paint in very much the same, belong to the basic requirements of nitro paint, fast drying, easy polishing, good adhesion.

Additional information: technical standard intermediate coating belongs to the automobile assembly plant self or paint supply factory protocol standard.