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Industrial Coatings


Amino systems (silver, solid colors): gloss, fullness, high hardness; affordable, the economy is good; common hardware, machinery paint; 

Acrylic paint (silver, solid colors): good gloss, high hardness; weatherability, resistance to boiling ordinary metal paint, appliance paint, electric car paint, wheels paint; 

Polyester paint (silver, solid colors): light with good, good fullness; good flexibility, excellent processing performance features; good overall performance; grade metal paint, appliance paint, electric car paint; 

PCM rolled steel, aluminum roll coating (one-component): roll, fast curing; good overall performance; PCM appliance plate, tin, aluminum cans roll coating; 

Plating Varnish (one-component): high hardness, good gloss; excellent adhesion to low-temperature baking (120 ℃ / 25-30min); metal plating Varnish; 

Waterborne paint varnish / paint (one-component): high hardness, good gloss; excellent adhesion; environmental carbon; varnished metal plating, stainless steel varnish, spray coating, dip coating can; tablet coatings;