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Piezas de plástico Automotrices con pintura a base de agua
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Because the plastic has the advantages of light weight, simple processing technology and other advantages, it has become an important material of car body manufacturing. However, any plastic parts processing forming more or less will leave traces of mould brings, burr, and many plastic (such as PP, PVC etc.) limited due to its own characteristics, its appearance is not ideal, must carry on the coating.

In the field of coating, water-borne technology and process safety and low VOC has become an important trend of development. Of course, the coating of plastic parts is no exception. The process of plastic parts, water-based paint coating also began to promote the application in the country. At present, the market can be applied to plastic parts water paint varieties and other fields of acquaintance, the main use of water dispersion paint and latex paint, according to the classification of water soluble acrylic resin is mainly, one component water-based polyurethane, waterborne two-component polyurethane etc..

Synthesis and application of Waterborne Acrylate Coatings began in twentieth Century 50's to the 70's has been developing rapidly, and has been increasingly used in plastics, is one of the most important varieties of plastic water-based coating, anticorrosion, alkali resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, good film-forming, protect the good, no pollution, good construction performance and the use of safety features, and can be changed by copolymerization monomer, crosslinking agent and adjusting the molecular weight of the polymer and a series of measures to change the properties of the coating which can meet the needs of the customers. But the early version of waterborne acrylate coatings also has some defects, such as permeability, water absorption is higher. Since twentieth Century since 80 time, people began to study and preparation of waterborne acrylate composite emulsion, to improve the overall performance of water-based paint coating through the match among different components (such as water resistance, adhesion, etc.). By using the modified on the other resin or some special monomer, such as epoxy resin modified waterborne acrylate resin, waterborne polyurethane acrylic resin, fluorine or silicon containing water soluble acrylate resin etc..

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