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Electrophoretic paint - automotive primer protagonist of the market
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According to the traditional concept, the main effects of the primer is base metal anti rust and enhance the adhesion to substrate finish. In fact, quality and decorative primer on the whole coating system has a very important influence. The auto industry and coating industry never neglect primer function.

Since the car since the advent of the primer, probably went through the following process: the oil primer -- nitro -- alkyd primer (or phenolic) primer -- epoxy ester primer -- anodic electrophoretic primer -- cathodic electrodeposition primer.

From saltwater tolerant this several generation of automotive primer (or salt) see the performance evolution, requirements for coating automobile industry trend of escalation. In the few car has just come out of the years, primer is used, alkyd phenolic or epoxy ester primer. The alkyd resin or epoxy ester iron red primer is most widely used. These two kinds of primer with excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, most has been dominated by industrial primer paint market.

The data show that the mechanical properties of conventional alkyd iron red primer are very good, but the matching of the salt fog resistance, and finish (a tremendous contrast, often exists between its iron red primer and car commonly used color cannot form the best coverage) and so are unable to meet the automotive industry is becoming more and more demanding of coatings industry demand. Since then, although there are water-based primer spraying, solvent based and waterborne dipping paint into the auto primer Market, but the application of surface is not wide, electrophoretic primer appeared really dominated the car market is still in the late.

Ester anti stone strike coating. Like other areas of paint industry, hot water of the stone guard coating is currently.