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Development trend of automotive intermediate paint
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The requirements of modern automobile industry for intermediate coatings are more demanding, the car paint manufacturers have invested a lot of strength in R & D work, the main development trends of intermediate paint roughly as follows:

To further improve the intermediate coating appearance, improve its opposite paint "foil" performance.

Thick film, the focus is to improve a film thickness.

To further improve the performance of construction, which has good anti foaming, leveling sagging property.

Shock resistance, can effectively absorb the impact energy when the surface of the car.

Good adhesion between the layers.

High volatile and low VOC, meet more and more stringent environmental standards requirements.

Low cost, to fight up intermediate paint popular so-called 3C1B objective and tendency.

At present our country automobile industry only in cars, minibuses, pickup trucks and other high-grade car on the use of intermediate coating, while in some light truck, heavy truck, agricultural vehicle than the resist models for cost reasons, often eliminates the need for such a procedure.