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Introduction and classification of automotive intermediate paint
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Automobile intermediate coating is a coating between the primer and topcoat. The painter is usually used to traditional primer called "first pulp", then the middle coating is logical to be user called "two slurry", "two primer". The auto industry on the intermediate coatings are in great demand, according to relevant statistics show: the world annually produces 130000 tons of. Automotive coatings industry with intermediate paint in accordance with its application to classification: Universal intermediate coating, anti stone strike type intermediate paint and online repair type intermediate paint. According to its form to part with solvent type intermediate coating, waterborne coatings, powder coatings middle middle three categories.

The main function is to further improve the intermediate paint surface of workpiece has been priming, further fill, correction, and raise the flatness, in order to make the DOI, topcoat fullness and gloss have a greater degree of improvement. In addition, the intermediate coatings with good also can absorb impact energy must, for improving the anti stone strike performance of the entire coating system is also of great benefit. One of the important mission of partition UV is intermediate coating, prevent ultraviolet paint primer through face destruction.

About twenty years ago, in the automotive industry solvent type intermediate paint is still occupying the dominant position, but in recent years in Europe and North America as the forerunner, powder and aqueous intermediate coating component showed a certain momentum. According to relevant statistics, aqueous intermediate coating development in Europe rapidly, South America slightly times. And the application of North America in the middle of the powder coatings in a leading position. Asia is on the two kinds of advanced technology lags far behind the other regions.