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Step automotive paint by hand toned
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In the absence of a computer formula, only use the manual deployment of automotive refinish.

Step manual toned

1. Template surface treatment
Cleaning, polishing (presenting original appearance).

2. Recipe Analysis
Determine a good paint properties, the choice of 1K or 2K masterbatch masterbatch, the analysis of the primary colors, secondary colors; analyzing three attributes (brightness, hue, voicing). Popular talk is to look at the color depth, see shade group bias, look at the bright colored or gray cloud. Silver pearl paint to be on the front, side do comparative analysis, but also consider the thickness and the number of particles

3. OK masterbatch
According to the analysis, the same or similar model selection and color masterbatch, or elect a vice masterbatch masterbatch and mixed colors according to the law, to determine the hue range, be aware of

4. Deploy
First take a small amount of paint to the ratio and the effective mixing, such as masterbatch color effects master when not skilled, it is recommended to use the foot dipped in paint some paint, then add on a little letdown masterbatch foot trimming, see its effects, such as not then switch to other masterbatch, it can avoid the letdown masterbatch added inappropriate. When the tune came out with a model similar to the Yen, and then scaled according to the amount needed to deploy a color tuned very close, it should be the end of the toning process.