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Method of automobile painting palette
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1 color idea

2 degree adjustment (depth) - hue adjustment (color steering) - chroma adjustment (gray).

3 specific methods

(L) brightness (depth) adjustment

When the paint color depth than cars, light colored, white or silver powder should be added to dilute.

When paint than the car light color, will judge: vehicle color is deep and thick, or deep and turbidity. Such is the deep and thick, add the main color masterbatch; if it is deep and muddy, may be appropriate to join the black mother.

The note: sometimes color turbidity are seen as shades of color, this is the gray factor. Correct deep or deep voiced, can help us make the right choice.

(2) the hue adjustment. According to the color matching rules, add or reduce the color masterbatch, once only for a variable adjustment, the most important thing is to correct color masterbatch.

The adjustable yellow not red, can add a little orange yellow, orange or red.

The adjustable blue not green enough, you can add a little yellow or lemon yellow.

The adjustable red not purple, can add a little purple blue, purple, rose red or crimson (with black in the red in the will Bian Zi, but at the same time will be deep or shallow).

(3) the grayscale adjustment (chroma)

When the paint color display bright than the car, adding a small amount of black or white mother to dark colour (Note: join the black female at the same time will make the dark colors, add white female shallow turns cloudy).

When paint than the vehicle color turbid, can add light or silver primary dilution, and then joined the main color, or give up and start again. Color by cloudy clear is basically impossible.