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2K prime paint deployment tips
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1 white

White series general with female white color, yellow with black and yellow with white, and some need to add a small amount of iron oxide red force, such as the Isuzu white etc.. Slant blue with blue and purple and white (highest degree of white as Toyota white), greenish yellow and blue with colourful or add a small amount of green (such as gold, and white) are available black, white mother of modulation depth.

2 red

According to the model selection of red hue of red series (transparent red) or red (Fu Guihong) as the main color masterbatch can also be two kinds of color masterbatch used at the same time, yellowish orange, orange or when added directly with yellow mother; partial purple or dark red or purple with white and black, according to the depth of the parent.

3 orange

Orange series according to hue choose orange, orange red color, also can be used at the same time, with the orange yellow yellow with two kinds of color masterbatch; reddish orange and red with red mother, also joined the black, white mother of modulation depth.

4 yellow

The yellow series according to hue selection in yellow or lemon yellow Based Color Masterbatch, partial green pale lemon yellow color with the main color masterbatch, color green with green or blue mother, yellow can be added a small amount of yellow or red mother, also with black, white mother of adjustable depth; partial red darker color in yellow is the predominant color, orange yellow, orange or red iron oxide added red mother, while adding black, white mother of modulation depth.

5 Blue 

Blue series according to the sample color depth choose pure blue with white and black; reddish blue and purple or rose red mother, partial cyan blue can be added a small amount of lemon yellow, yellow mother such as yellow, white, black mother also with adjustable depth.

6 green

Green series according to the template hue selection of pure green or yellow green color phase, when the partial blue plus blue mother, yellow with bright yellow, lemon yellow and yellow mother, also with black, white mother of modulation depth.

7 gray

Gray series according to the depth in black or white mother color, cold ash (blue, green, purple grey) and the warm grey (yellow, red and gray) not. Which color opposite direction, accordingly the hue color masterbatch accounted for a large proportion of. The use of red, yellow and blue three color masterbatch (according to a certain proportion) can also modulate various grey and black. Also available in red, yellow, blue, white, black five kinds of color masterbatch with the deployment of grey series.