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2K plain paint palette matters needing attention
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(1) The prime paint formulations should be used in the following four kinds of masterbatch principle, except for special cases, depending on which color swatches close to call the shots on the use to which the masterbatch color; white, blue, dark blue, green, yellow, red and purple Paints and other factors in the deployment process, in line with the principles of the first tune hue shades were then transferred. Color analysis is to see out the main color and shade partial phase in order to identify the main masterbatch. Subject to the overall feeling of color, secondary color for shade rendered colors. Hue shade close to the model is generally used as the main masterbatch masterbatch. Silver paint selection of silver-based masterbatch. Brunette with dark masterbatch-based masterbatch (eg magenta). Bright colors dominated by bright masterbatch masterbatch (such as rich red).

(2) calmodulin paint with paint ruler quickly pull up while stirring, to contrast with the primary color plates, transferred with the template color close with a white piece knife colorimetric mainly positive match, compare easy alignment.

(3) When the color is generally a little lighter than the model, because the prime paint dry paint color deep.