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After biting end automotive paint spraying, wrinkling Problem
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1. This occurs because the
(1) just spray paint drying too quickly forced, or high temperature paint shop, paint surfaces fast drying and shrinkage will slow down the speed of the inner layer of paint drying.
(2) Spray a few too many times, the film is too thick, less than the Road paint ask leveling time.
(3) using the wrong diluent. In the automotive paints, paint thinners high volatility, when the paint is in a dry state, the film surface has been drying, and the inside of the solvent does not evaporate normal, which closes the inside of the paint layer volatilization of the volatile matter, the final lead paint layers so that the paint from the bulge in the hot season should use slow dry thinner.

2. Prevention methods
(1) each to be thin and uniform coating of lacquer.
Room (2) layer leveling time should be sufficient, the drying temperature should be appropriate, even.
(3) Use the recommended type of diluent.

3. Remedy
First make the film fully cured. For minor defects, which was polished flat, if the defect is more serious, the need to polish the film to the substrate, and then re-sprayed coatings.