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White, fog and ambiguity processed automotive paint spraying
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Film after drying, the surface appears milky white mist or no light spot phenomenon.

1 reasons to appear this kind of circumstance

(1) the construction process and the construction of environmental humidity is too big, or air compressor with water; if the environment is wet through large can be added a small amount (not more than l 5%) of white water spraying. Spraying before construction as far as compression machine in the water.

(2) the use of thinner undeserved, excessive volatility surface temperature of the coating decreased sharply, resulting in water vapor condensation caused in the film.

(3) the use of compressed air blowing film, trying to accelerate the volatilization of solvent.

(4) paint room Chuantangfeng, or more heat, air flow is not sufficient.

2 methods of prevention

(1) where possible, to avoid the rainy, cold or wet weather paint and make the film natural drying, otherwise should use no fog diluent.

(2) the use of good quality diluent or appropriate levels of diluent.

(3) to reduce the pressure of compressed air to reduce the cooling effect.

(4) ensure indoor spray proper ventilation, heating, avoid drafts.

3, the correction method

(1) the film the fog light, to methods available polishing paint film complete assimilation after repair, make the film surface to restore luster

(2) the film the fog is serious, can be smooth film surface, and then use the appropriate levels of dilution agent or not re spraying fog diluent. If the above method does not work, can spray chamber temperature more than 5 DEG C, avoid direct blowing drafts, defects will be part of polishing, then paint again.

(3) if white is produced in the varnish (silver primer surface pale), should be completely polished re spray.