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The core idea:
Let people have the opportunity to director, to the director general of the people have the stage, do nothing people position and treatment. The only real talent, will be used.
A, have both ability and political integrity principle. The selection and use of personnel in accordance with the requirements of a comprehensive measure, have both ability and political integrity.
Two, "results oriented" principle. In the use of the people, we not only attach importance to education, pay more attention to ability. We adhere to the "results oriented" mechanism, so that a large number of have both ability and political integrity talent talent showing itself.
Three, the principle of survival of the fittest. We are experiencing the change from "simple" to "court election horse", who do the best, we as a talent to reuse; otherwise, can only be eliminated.
Four, "everyone is a talent" principle. The use of the talents, the elimination of mode and mystery, do not Yi, the amount applied. As long as in the right position to play the greatest degree of intelligence, is of certain significance of talent. We follow this principle, according to each employee's level, expertise, experience, personality, will the arrangement to a relatively proper position, make the best use to do their best to promote the sustained, rapid and efficient development of enterprises.

Employee benefits:
1 free for employees to provide lunch and dinner;
2 for Ronggui staff work on the shuttle car;
3 organization of annual staff health examination;
The 4 holiday snacks;
The 5 summer tea dessert provided free of charge;
6 for the staff dormitory is equipped with air conditioning;
7 to organize employee activities, birthday gift or a birthday gift;
8 employees enjoy the wedding leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, the industrial injury leave and other paid holidays;
9 for the staff to handle the social insurance and commercial insurance;
10 employees of red, white matter, the company paid to congratulate the gold or solatium;
11 do not regularly organize employees to expand.