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Obstacles to the development of water-based paint
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1, the performance is still insufficient
Paint is water as diluent for paint, can generally be divided into three categories: one category is based on acrylic acid as the main component of waterborne wood coatings, its main characteristic is that a good adhesion, not the colour of their wooden furniture, but the wear resistance and poor chemical resistance. Because of its low cost and technical content is not high, become the main products currently on the market; second category is the synthesis of acrylic polyurethane as main component waterborne wood coatings, which features in addition to the characteristics of our acrylic paint, have increased the wear resistance and chemical resistance characteristics; the third category is waterborne polyurethane paint one hundred percent, the wear-resistance even to the times oil paint, for the advanced products in water soluble paint. The technology is currently available only for a few Professional Company grasp.
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At this stage in the use of performance, the film hardness, fullness and other physical property most of water paint and paint have the obvious disparity, the construction cycle long, yet it is difficult to adapt to the Chinese consumption habit. This is mainly with the early products are mostly related with acrylic acid as main component. Acrylic although environmental protection, but the film hardness is not high, the fullness of the bad is the soft rib. At present, domestic water paint just in the initial stage, the majority of products are belong to this category, so the painter and the consumer after use will have a water paint as oily paint impression. From twentieth Century since the 90's of water-based paint in the domestic first introduced, then the market and consumer recognition. In 10 years, many domestic enterprises have entered the upgrading of the waves of. But because the water paint a requirements in drying time, hardness, plumpness and so on the performance of the technology is relatively high, the general enterprises do not have this ability of research and development, many enterprises in the pre industrial inputs, found that the market return is not obvious, gradually retire, or quietly stopped developing water paint, or simply exit the water paint market.

2, the industry is uneven
The water paint is just a new thing, do exist Nishajuxia, the phenomenon of fish. The existing water paint enterprises can be broadly divided into three categories: one category is professional type. From the beginning of effort into water paint R & D, production and sales, declined to a drop of oil paint production. The two category is "oil to water", in oil paint enterprise line position, due to rising raw material prices and unstable, the profit space has shrunk, toxic and harmful been consumer complaints and other reasons, may not have been to the water paint steering, but still can't balance the paint and water-based paint sales in the market contradictions. Three is the "parallel" type, see water paint market space, hold the speculative mentality, not willing to invest in technology research and development, take the use of cheap raw materials at a low price way, water-based paint products impact the low-end market, access to short-term interests, the results of frequent occurrence quality problem, has brought many negative effects to the water paint.

3, the cost is relatively high

Because the enterprise capacity is small, the key raw materials mainly depend on imports, resulting in water paint sales price higher than traditional oil paint 30%, to increase the construction cost, the popularization of difficulties. Only the breakthrough technology, production capacity of two big difficult problems, water paint quality and cheap into hundreds of millions of people in the family is possible.

Moreover, in the paint in the dominant position of situation, water-based paint promotion will undoubtedly need to invest more money on advertising. While the current water-based paint market size and share, so the input it is difficult in the short term return. The majority of the domestic water-based paint products, gains the water-based paint coatings business does not extend to the cost of promotion. The waterborne lacquer strong momentum of development without doubt, but in the present situation, oil paint at home has been popularized and long time use, to achieve industrial upgrading is not an overnight can be done.

Less than 4, with the technical level of the present water-based paint

A, water paint on the construction process and material surface cleanliness requirements high, due to the surface tension of water, dirt, easy to make the film shrinkage hole;

B, water paint against the strong mechanical forces the poor dispersion stability of conveying pipe flow drastically when the dispersed particles are compressed into solid particles, makes the paint have pitting. A pipeline in good shape, the tube wall defect free.

C, aqueous coating on corrosion coating equipment is big, need to adopt anti-corrosion lining or stainless steel material, high equipment cost. Corrosion, waterborne coatings for pipeline metal dissolution, the dispersed particles precipitated, the paint have pitted, also need to adopt the stainless steel tube.

D, baking type water paint for the construction of environmental conditions (temperature, humidity) more stringent requirements, increase the temperature humidity equipment investment, but also increase the energy consumption.

The latent heat of evaporation of E, water, baking and large energy consumption. Cathodic electrophoretic coating is required within 180 DEG C baking; and the latex paint is completely dry time is long.

F, high boiling point organic cosolvent produce a lot of fumes in the baking, condensation drops on the film surface affect the appearance.

G, waterborne coatings exist poor water resistance problem, make the stability of coatings and the bath is poor, poor water resistance of film. Aqueous coating media are generally in a slightly alkaline (PH7.5 ~ pH8.5), ester resin in the ease of hydrolysis and make the molecule chain degradation, effect of coating and bath stability, performance and film.