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Situation development of China's water-based paint
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The current paint and coatings industry, on the basis of the paint coating cover different object classification, mainly includes the following four categories: do in the wall (bricks, cement wall structure) called the wall paint (Ru Jiaoqi); in the wood (wood, MDF wood) called the wood paint; do in plastics (the product of television, computers, motorcycles, electric cars, mobile phones and other plastic panel) called the plastic paint; do in the metal called metal paint. According to the composition of the solvent paint different classification, mainly containing paint and water paint in two categories: benzene, toluene, xylene, with formaldehyde, butyl acetate, cyclohexanone and other organic solvent as main solvent called paint; with pure water as the main solvent called water paint. At present, do in the wall paint is water-based paint, latex paint for the mainstream products. But in the wood paint industry the majority or the use of oil paint, plastic paint industry in the majority or the use of paint; metallic paint industry in the most or the use of oil paint.

At present the environmental protection high requirements of the environment, plastic paint continue to use oil paint, in addition to industry habits, but also because of plastic water-based paint the strict requirement to the construction environment, the domestic plastic water-based paint product is still not mature, compared with the plastic paint advantage is not obvious, but the plastic water paint price is far lower than the oil paint. Foreign plastic water-based paint for the construction environment is very strict requirements, the requirements of constant temperature and humidity work environment, requirements for equipment and the use of plastic water-based paint is also very strict, especially the atomization spraying equipment is of high demand.

The present western developed countries have promulgated laws and regulations on the prohibition of the use of oil paint, the comprehensive popularization use water-based paint. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions into the air, two secondary organic aerosol generated by a chemical reaction is the main pollution source of air pollution PM2.5, paint and coatings industry is one of the key industry VOC emissions, according to statistics, in 2010 China's paint industry solvent consumption reached 4325000 tons, about 60000000 cars a year of VOC Emission Total (retains the quantity of cars in China in 2010 reached 80000000 units). Development of waterborne paint started from the country to the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, and with the development of the product material, the superiority of water paint technology is embodied, materials suppliers to invest more energy for water-based paint products technology development and research to paint more and more. With the development of the technical ability of domestic suppliers of materials and the State Environmental Protection Administration gradually pilot "cleaner production", encourage the creation of "national environmentally friendly enterprise", the local government began to encourage the development of low emission of the company, some parts to provide supporting for the mainstream automobile manufacturer of coating line has started to water paint for future plastic coating the direction of development.

As with independent intellectual property rights "the paint" plastic water-based paint, has obvious advantages, so that the water paint in the construction of practical conditions has been greatly reduced and laid a foundation for the large range of water-based paint promotion.