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Civilian paint marketing training successful completion

October 6th at 8:00 in the morning, in the company administrative personnel department organization, civil paint marketing center to carry out a three day marketing training, the training subject mainly to sales, marketing center director Wang Hui on civil paint coatings market status, competitive analysis, customer management subject training, the training content of theory with practice, explain profound theories in simple language the audience. At the same time we also invite technical engineers, financial department manager, HR and administration department manager is responsible for the relevant work to explain to. On the afternoon of the same day, Zheng "issued by the chairman for many outstanding sales personnel to open new award", and to congratulate the award-winning staff, no hope of winning staff make persistent efforts, the courage to go beyond the self, challenge higher goals.

In October 7th, all the students to participate in outreach activities, including the expansion project;

1, ice and team building; team members prior to break down the barriers, strengthen mutual trust to understand;
2, a blind man touched; improving communication skills, practice remain sober and calm mind in the face of difficulties and challenges;
3, the Pearl for thousands of miles; a clear goal, through the cooperation and coordination of keep in step with each other, strengthen the team spirit and communication skills, build up mutual cooperation, team spirit and consciousness of the whole support each other;4, the broken bridge; self heart break, dare to challenge;

The training is very timely, effective, according to recent new into more, the position of sales personnel quality is uneven, product knowledge not system problems, improve the comprehensive quality of the sales team, sales personnel and skilled business skills and sense of belonging to the company, a similar set of marketing training landmark Mingbang development.

A blind man touched

Sit chair

Pearl million

Broken Bridge
Prepare to cross!

Broken Bridge
Across the bridge!

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The coach with the photo!

The Zheng Zong Awards

A group photo