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Efficient management, team winning. Mingbang chemical management personnel outdoor training ended

Mingbang chemical management personnel to participate in the association of small and medium enterprises organization Nanhai wetland "efficient management team winning," the theme of this outdoor development training and the successful completion of the task.

Employees in riddles employees in riddles employees in riddles in the activities are mainly related to the production system from the management personnel, through experiential activities for two days, let the students participate in activities, to adjust state of mind, a comprehensive understanding of self, focus on communication and cooperation in team benign, the implementation force of the team building. During the two days of the activities, improve communication and collaboration between students, so that everyone on the team work to have a more profound understanding.

Mingbang chemical will have more activities and training courses in the future, our goal is to build talent, talent to win!

Our team, valiant and heroic in bearing!


Have a look how we grid!

The jump, is to reveal the truth! We are not weak, we dare to challenge themselves heroes!


A group photo