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Employee birthday activities

The evening of March 21, 2011, the company HR and administration department for 11-3 month birthday staff, held a lively barbecue activities, activities held chose quiet Bridge Court farm. In order to do well in this activity, the administrative personnel department colleagues carefully prepared, buy barbecue food, seasoning and other related items in advance.

Five thirty administrative personnel department colleagues first to barbecue site layout, check the barbecue utensils, washing the Toasting Fork, rack, food and so on, around six longevity are almost here, the worst is the furnace, a few people around the stove and some fan, some blowing charcoal burning, a great effort was expended, while the exuberant charcoal barbecue, officially began, we come up with their own one's special skill, showing the barbecue different methods and techniques. Longevities of passionate exude laugh, the whole barbecue drowned in laughter, everyone their own eating baked food, to work on the fatigue and life unpleasant cast to be flung to the four winds, enjoy the delicious hands, chatting all kinds of interesting their encounter in the work and the life, make all day busy well relaxed, more so because of busy neglect communication between colleagues increased friendship.

Eight thirty barbecue activities ended, the activities not only enhance the feelings between colleagues, important is to enhance the cohesion of the company, show the friendly mutual aid team spirit, the harvest of the mood of happiness, so that our "paint" the color of life more brilliant.