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Epoxy resin paint unesterified
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1) amine cured epoxy resin paint

Is usually double component, a component of the epoxy resin, pigment, pigment, solvent (such as toluene and butanol); ethanol solution components of the aliphatic polyamine. Use the two components are mixed according to the proportion of accurate weighing, ripening dozens of minutes later, add the appropriate diluent to adjust the viscosity can be used after. This kind of paint can in normal temperature drying to form a film, it is suitable for large scale equipment, such as the inner wall of oil tank and storage tank.


2) polyamide cured epoxy resin paint

Dry film at room temperature. Compared with amine curing paint film, high adhesion, good flexibility; curing speed is slow, so it is easy to use, but the corrosion resistance is poor.

3) synthetic resin curing epoxy resin paint

Improved drying type, often in some performance. Phenolic epoxy paint has excellent acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance and heat resistance of paint film, but darker. Amino epoxy paint film flexibility is good, the film shallow color, strong luster.

4) solventless epoxy paint

To save resources, reduce pollution, can reduce the coating layer, a painting can be thick film, so it has more advantages. Solventless epoxy paint is generally low molecular weight epoxy resin. But the viscosity is too high to construction, so the need to add active diluent to adjust the viscosity. The amount is generally epoxy resin 5-15%, a maximum of not more than 30%. Application of active diluent, curing agent, a corresponding increase in dosage.

5) epoxy powder coating

Composition of epoxy resin, curing agent, pigment, filler and various additives etc.. High molecular weight epoxy resin commonly used solid resin such as epoxy value is about 0.1, the melting point of 90 degrees around the bisphenol A epoxy resin. Curing agent should also be solid, and in the manufacture of powder coating process and made into powder coating after the storage period should be stable, only in after spraying, high temperature baking only play a good role. Curing agent commonly used with dicyandiamide, phthalic anhydride, three two boron trifluoride ethylamine complex etc.. Application of additives have leveling agent, such as polyvinyl butyral, cellulose acetate butyrate, low molecular weight polyacrylate.