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The advantages of epoxy resin paint
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Epoxy resin is epoxy containing macromolecular compounds. Now the most widely used is the largest production, use of bisphenol A (two phenolic epoxy propane), which is composed of epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A in the presence of alkali synthesis.

Epoxy resin coating has the following advantages:

A strong adhesive force.

Epoxy resin containing hydroxyl and ether bonds and other polar groups, the resin and the adjacent interfacial molecular force is strong, some of them can form chemical bonds, so its strong cohesive force.

B. resistance to chemicals, good

Epoxy resin cured containing benzene ring has stable performance, in general, good resistance to acid and alkali resistant organic solvent.

C. contraction of small

The reaction of epoxy resin and curing agent without by-products, so the force of contraction of small.

D. good insulation

The cured epoxy resin with excellent electrical insulating property.

E. stability

Epoxy resin without adding curing agent, do not heat curing, not bad, good stability.