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Classification and advantages of alkyd resin paint
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1 Alkyd resin varnish

Is generally made of flax oil alkyd resin or long oil dissolved in a suitable solvent, with drier, the filtration and purification and. No. 200 solvent commonly used paint solvent oil, turpentine and xylene and added to increase the stability of the varnish. Driers are often several mixed use, in order to achieve the requirements of drying rate. Alkyd resin varnish drying quickly, film bright hard, weather resistance, resistance to oil (gasoline, lubricating oil) have a very good water resistance, but slightly worse. Mainly used as cover light furniture paint and color paint.

2 Alkyd resin paint

Performance of the paint film and film forming material and pigment on both volume ratio and weight ratio, and has little relationship. So the coating production is often the pigment volume concentration (PVC) as the basis for the formulation design. Film forming matter that fills the space between the paint particles without much allowance when the pigment volume concentration, called the critical pigment volume concentration (CPVC). This value with the film-forming material ability of dispersing pigments and different. In paint formulations, when the PVC value increases, the film inside the pigment volume, decrease of surface smoothness, therefore decrease in gloss, hiding power increase. When PVC reaches CPVC, if the increase in paint film began with voids, now paint permeability increase greatly, so corrosion resistance decreased significantly, the antifouling ability also variation; because the paint film with air, the scattering of light increases, the hiding power is increasing rapidly, tinting strength also increases; but the performance and strength decreased significantly.

In the design of paint formulation, the primer of PVC is 40-50%, the minimum two primer, primer is larger, the largest putty. To finish, increases with the decrease of PVC value of gloss. Light alkyd resin enamel PVC value is 3 - 20%; semi gloss paint is 40 - 55%, Matt was 45 to 60%.

3 The manufacture of alkyd resin paint

A certain number of containing paints in pigment, in order to get smooth and uniform film, has the high request to the fineness, especially the topcoat, require high decorative paint fineness, usually in 20 microns.

A color slurry

The effect is to make the Pigment Separated agglomerate into larger particles, and by the film material covering can lasting no longer gather in large particles, thereby stably dispersed in the liquid of the material, grinding paint as a medium for general use.

B mixed grinding

The paint and paint and some additives (such as lubricants, dispersing agent) in grinding equipment in the appropriate grinding together;

C deployment

The fineness of qualified, other ingredients and then paint the rest and the formulation of the deployment of color paint. Grinding equipment commonly used in a ball mill, three roll mill and sand mill etc..

D. good insulation

The cured epoxy resin with excellent electrical insulating property.

E stability

Epoxy resin without adding curing agent, do not heat curing, not bad, good stability.