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Nature alkyd paint feed alkyd
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Effects of types of 1 oil

End use choice depends on the fatty acid or oil alkyd resin. As a plasticizer for modifying other resin (such as nitro cellulose), usually choose fully saturated or with only one double bond in the fatty acid or its oil; when used as a film base material for the preparation of paint, usually choose dry or semi dry fatty acid or its oil.

Effect of 2 fatty acid content

The molar ratio of glycerol, phthalic anhydride and an unsaturated eighteen carbon fatty acid is 1, the average degree of functionality is 2, the equivalent of oil is about 60%. The molecular weight of the longest oil resin decreases; oil and short average functionality is greater than 2, the gel will occur during esterification, using an excess of glycerol in production to adjust the average functionality. Phthalic anhydride and glycerol polyester resin is hard, brittle, glass like substance, can only be dissolved in acetone and ester solvents, and vegetable oil is a low viscosity liquid is soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon. Thus alkyd resin properties between the above two cases.

The performance of the 3 oxidation drying alkyd resin alkyd resin dry from the double bonds in the fatty acid in the air of the polymerization reaction.

Because many fatty acid alkyd resin macromolecules, so its functionality was raised, and the resin molecule has been greatly, so the further oxidative polymerization is easy to dry film. Therefore those dry bad oil, such as soybean oil, pine pulp oleic acid, but can be made very dry alkyd resin is very good. Raising the temperature can accelerate the oxidation of fatty acid polymerization. High temperature drying of the coating has better durability, it is also used in the manufacture of alkyd resin varnish.

Effects of 4 molecule of carboxyl and hydroxyl groups on the properties of resin

The alkyd resin molecular structure at the end of the residue in the reaction of hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, although the water resistance of the coating result is not ideal, but the existence of these polarity genes make the coating has good adhesion. In addition, carboxyl and can improve the wetting ability of pigment alkyd resin, alkyd resin can also use functional molecules on the hydroxyl or carboxyl and other film forming material on the molecular reaction, integrates the advantages of performance, is the most representative of amino - alkyd resin baking paint.