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1 infiltration, the active substance may penetrate the substrate with the available moisture 5-50mm deep pores and cracks, and portland cement in response to a hydrophobic polymeric crystals, filling and compacting the substrate, and the substrate combination of good water the overall anti-infiltration waterproof layer. 

2 secondary repair defects: in the case of base irregular cracks, did not participate in the active material portion of the polymerization reaction after water infiltration, can be crystallized again, jams and automatically repair base less 4mm gap at the grassroots level to maintain good water impermeability effect. 

3 Physical properties of stability: acid value between 3.0 to 11.0, can be used for a basic pool, salt water pool, 

4 can withstand high hydrostatic pressure, positive and negative waterproofing effect is good. 

5 green products, non-toxic, tasteless, with good air permeability and resistance to low temperature performance.

Suitable for swimming pools, cesspools, basements, tunnels, subways, concrete pavement, sue highway, electrical room, bridge structure parts of waterproofing.